Best CHH Album of The Year!

 by FreedFromTheChains

"This album has it all- fire tracks that you want to rap along with, tracks that praise God, and even a couple tracks with some preaching from Souljah Essoh. Enjoyable music that will also change your heart from Mr. I Am a Christian Rapper."

You Must Get This Album 

 by Amazon Customer

"I love the flow of this album. I've never heard somebody preaching and rapping on the same track! I've had it on repeat since we bought it and the kids love it too!"

This Album is Great! 

 by Jessica T.

"I can't believe more people aren't talking about this album.  It's amazeballs!"

Check out some behind the scenes footage, as Souljah Essōh recorded his

debut, solo EP, "Pledge Allegiance."  You can also see the video for his first

single, "Hello World", and MORE below!